144 Guest List 2017

1st Wise Gathering for Healing the World, Serve Peace & Awakening.

  1. Wises and scientists.

1Pierre Rabhi (France) : specialist of organic agriculture, pioneer in permaculture, activist for free the earth.

2Nassim Haramein (Hawaï) : physicist, director of the Resonance project and the Connected Universe.

3Pr Keshe (Iran) : physicist, free energy searcher, freedomer

4 Katie Byron (USA) : therapist, author and creator of the work process.

*5Foster Gamble (USA): scientist, founder of the Thrive movie and movement.

*6Djodji Akoli Nyatepe Coo (Togo) : sociologist, co-founder and ancient vice-president of the African Academy of Sciences.

7Jacques Fresco (USA) : scientist, founder of the Venus Project.

8Graham Hancock :

*9Sacha Stone (Rodhesia-Zimbabwe): artist, founder of the New Earth Nation project.

10Dr Stephen Greer (USA): scientist, founder of Sirius project & CE5 protocol.

11Patrice Pooyard (France): journalist, director of the documental « the Revelations of the Pyramids ».

*12Philippe Bobola (France) : scientist, quantum physicist, searcher.


  1. Ancestral Traditions Representatives & Delegations­ :

 *13Abuelita (France) : celtic tradition & member of the international circle of Wisdom .

*14 Minthe (France) : creator of Aguas Unidas, connexion with the water and Masaru Emoto research.

*15Vera (Republic of Touva) : chaman, healer, medium.

*16Bhola (Nepal) : healing traditional keeper

*17Elima (Congo): healing dance traditional keeper.

*18White Eagle fedder (Canada) : Rainbow tribe and other nations keeper.

*19Yaya & Etincelle (Gabon) : Bwitti healing ceremony traditional keeper-

*20Ulises (Mexico) : curandero and toltec, aztec traditions guardian

*21Flore-Aël Surun  (Mongolia): chaman, and mongolian healing tradition guardian.

*22Darpan & Aborigenes (Australia) : aborígenes keeper

*23Kaz (Japan) : traditional ancestral japanese healing keeper.

*24 Mohammed (Marocco) : traditional Gnawa’s ceremony from Essaouira.


  1. Authors and Awakeners :

*25Anne Givaudan (France) : author, representative of the Essenian Tradition, out of body experiencer.

26Paolo Coelho (Brazil) : writter and best sellers.

27James Redfield (USA) : author of the Celestine prophecy’s best seller.

28Eckart Tolle (Germany) : author of the Power of now’s best seller.

29Greg Bradden (USA): author and awakener.

30Inelia Benz (Chile): awakener of the 100st wise-monkey process

*31Pierre Clavien (Switzerland) : healer and awakener.

32Alessandro Jodorowski (Argentina): psychotherapist, tarologist and awakener.

33J.K. Rowling (GB) : author of Harry Potter’s saga.

*34Dyan Manish (France) : Osho’s healer.

35Captain Paul Watson (Canada) : We are Ocean.org.

36Russel Brand (GB) : actor, activist of awakening.


  1. Peace organisations and activists for Change:

37World Organisation for Peace (USA)(www.ompp.org) represented by

*38Pax-Cultura , EarthFocusFoundation.org (Suisse) represented by Thierry & Stephanie Becourt.

39International Organisation For Peace, Care and Relief (IOPCR) represented by

40Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

41United States institut for Peace (USA)(www.usip.org) represented by

42Amnesty International represented by

43GreenPeace International represented by

44 David Lynch (USA): film director, Meditation Transcendental ambassador.

*45 Patrick Daquay (France): creator of the (www.cercledesagesse.com )

46Les Restos du Coeur (www.restosducoeur.org ) represented by

47The Wayseers movement represented by Garret Loporto

48Emoto Peace Project (Japan) (www.emotopeaceproject.net )


  1. Healing the world organisations :

 49Médecins du Monde represented by

50Médecins sans Frontières représented by

51Healingthechildren.org represented by

52International Psychiatric association

*53EMI & NDE represented by Dr Jean Jaques Charbonnier

54 Croix-Rouge International represented by

55 Croissant-Rouge International represented by

56 Esalen Institut represented by

*57 Fondation Nicolas Hulot represented by Nicolas Hulot.

*58 INREES represented by  Sebastien Lilli

*59 What the Bleep do we know’s team represented by

*60 The Holographic Universe represented by Stephen Davis

  1. Ibiza Officials, Ancestral Traditions & Wisdom representatives

 *61President of the Ibiza Insular Council

*62Vicente Torres Ferrer del Consell Insular de Eivissa

*63Alcalde of Ibiza

*64Gloria del ayuntamiento de Eivissa

*65Alcalde de Sta Eularia

*66Abel Matutes y las 20 familias ibicencas.

*67Manos Unides represented by

*68Casita Verde represented by Chris Dew

*69Cooperative Integrale de Eivissa represented by Jeroni

*70Ibiza Atlantis 3000 project represented by Luis & Freddy Muratori

*71Energy week Ibiza represented by Rica Diestel

*72Association Juntos en Ibiza represented by Vivo Gal Gabby


  1. Global Awakening Méditation and prayers groups

 73 http://quantumworld.tv/intention-experiment/represented by Lynne McTaggart (GB)

74 www.24earth.org represented by

75 Planète Amazone represented by

*76 Ibiza Global Meditation FB group represented by Kinan & Pete

77 The Shift network represented by

78 Fire the Grid community represented by

*79The Global Meditation Movement FB group represented by

80The world community for Christian Meditation (www.wccm.org )

*81The Global focus Meditation group (www.earthrainbownetwork.com 

82The insight Timer meditation (www.insighttimer.com )

83The islamic Meditation for Peace (www.islamicmeditation.com )

84The Jewish Meditation for Peace (Israel)(www.theshalomcenter.org )


  1. Chief Tribes, prophecy’s keepers and Nations représentatives

 *85 Arvol Looking Horse (Lakota, Dakota, Nakota) : white buffalo prophecy’s keeper, creator of the World Peace and Prayer days.

*86 Kaka Vera Jecupe (Tupi-guarani Amazonia) : Pagé-wise and healer, founder of Arapoty Institute in Brazil.

87 Kogis (Colombia)

88 Mapuche (Chile)

89 Dogon (Mali)

90 Yaqui (Mexico)

91 Inuit (Artic, Groenland)

92 Zulu (South Africa)

93 Hopi-Navajo (America)

94 Bön (Tibet)

95 Iceland

96 Kanak (New Caledonia)


  1. Various Healers and Healing system representatives,

 *97Montserrat Gascon (España): neo-osteopathy and Free the Pericardium process.

98Eric Pearl (USA) : the Reconnexion process)

*99Lilou Mace (France)(la télé de Lilou)

*100Patrick Drouot (France) (pioneer in multidimensional travelling)

101Dr Boris Cyrulnik (Russie) (psychiatre, author of many healing books)

102 The Circle of the 13 grandmothers

103 Leonardo di Caprio & Healing Stars

*104Carolina Corada (Venezuela) : a Course in Miracle International

105René Mey (Suisse)(founder of 365 free healing centers in Mexico)

*106Yves Philippe de Franqueville (France)  (psychanalist & psychosophist)

*107François Dutrey (France) (holoenergetic pratician)

*108Mohammed & Idrissa Diaby (Senegal) : guardians of African islamic tradition of Healing)


  1. India-Asia’s Divinities religions représentatives, gurus and Sadhus

 109 Shri Shri Ravishankar (India) : guru, wise and awakener.

*110AMMA (India) : guru, wise and awakener.

111Shri Tatatah (India) : guru, wise and awakener.

112Tibetan Bouddhism represented by the Dalaï Lama or Lama

113China’s Taoism represented by

114China’s Shintoism represented by

115China’s Confusianism represented by

*116 Mooji (India) : guru, wise and awakener.

117Deepak Chopra

118Mère Meera

119Zen Bouddhism (Japan) represented by

120Vipassana Bouddhism (Birmanie)represented by


  1. Artists activists for Love, Peace and Awakening

 *121Aquarius team (Lëila, Horace Andy, Philippe Cohen Solal)

122Carlos Santana & Woodstock 69 Alive artists

123Peter Gabriel

*124Manu Chao


126Pharell Williams

127Lisa Gerrard & Brendan Perry Dead Can Dance


129Brian Eno

130David Gilmour

*131Ben Harper & Innocent criminals.

132the Wailers & Bob Marley’s family (Jamaïca)


  1. Other Beliefs systems and Religions representatives :

133 The Templar’s knight high commander represented by

134Franc-Maçonnerie represented by

*135Unitary Science of Intra-Universe represented by

136Rosicrucian represented by

137Judaïsm represented by

138Catholicism represented by pope François

139Islam represented by

140Protestantism represented by

141Orthodoxism represented by

142Rastafarism represented by

143Atheïsm represented by

144Agnostism represented by


Welcome to add more guests into the waiting list in case of some of the first 144 will be not available. In all the case, the more we will be the more probability we have to achieve our goal. Let’s create a chain reaction, a domino effect inviting others guests as supporters of the wave who will come in Ibiza by their own way too.


Thanks and Blessing for All.






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