You are entering the 3D virtual world
The Point of Convergence Freedom

*** Windows Users ***

The Convergence Point welcomes you in its warm atmosphere with comfortable sofas and a fireplace for a peaceful moment with your friends. It is a virtual world open to all, 24/7 free, where you can invite your friends to chat or meditate together..

INSTALLATION Version Windows

The download time is at least 5 minutes and it varies according to the speed of your internet line.
Click on the download button.

Version to Download  23 04 2020

*** Mac Users***

Sorry this version is not Mac compatible .

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1- Type a user name

2- Choose a Gender. The Gender Male is by default.

3- Click on a photo representing the avatar you will have in the game

4- Wait until you are redirected to the game

5- Do not click Exit unless something unusual happens.


































Dans le monde virtuel

Touches pour vous déplacer
– Avancer : maintenir les 2 clics de la souris enfoncés ou utiliser les flèches
– Voler : appuyer sur la barre d’espace
– S’asseoir ou descendre : appuyer sur X
– Marcher lentement: F1
– Courrir: F2

Utiliser le menu en bas de l’écran pour accéder aux différentes fonctionnalités du jeu.


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