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    Myrta Etoile posted in the group Ελληνική ομάδα – Grece-Hellas

    2 years, 11 months ago

    One of my favorite temples in one of my favorite island of Aigina. 💙💛“The Temple of Aphaia (Greek: Ναός Αφαίας) or Afea[1] is located within a sanctuary complex dedicated to the goddess Aphaia on the Greek island of Aigina, which lies in the Saronic Gulf. Formerly known as the Temple of Jupiter Panhellenius, the great Doric temple is now recognized as dedicated to the mother-goddess Aphaia. It was a favourite of the neoclassical and romantic artists such as J. M. W. Turner. It stands on a c. 160 m peak on the eastern side of the island approximately 13 km east by road from the main port.[2]”

    Aphaia (Greek Ἀφαία) was a Greek goddess who was worshipped exclusively at this sanctuary. Source: wikipedia

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