Birds of Paradise (Oiseaux du paradis)

All about Birds of Paradise
Image  : Eco-Now: The Birds of Paradise Project  –


These are some seriously good looking birds and you can also see footage of all 39 species

Conference 28min sur les 39 especes d’oiseaux du paradis:

”Superb bird of paradise”’ 3min:

”King bird of paradise” 3min :

”Wilson’s Bird of Paradise” Omin 50” :


”King of Saxony Bird of Paradise” Omin 43”   :


”Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise”  1min 04” : 


”Greater Bird of Paradise” 1min O8”  :


”Magnificient Rifle Bird”  1min13´´

”The 39 Species” 4min 15” :


”The Dancing Bird ”  1min 30”:

”Astouding mating dance Birds of Paradise” 2min02

”Oiseau Lyre imite 20 especes en un chant, et toutes sortes d’appareils mécaniques” 2min42”  :

”Manakin Birds ‘Moonwalk’ to impress the ladies”’ 1min 50” :

”Bowerbird seduces with blue ring  2min07” :

”Sultry dance of Bowerbird ”  2min 50”  :

”Bowerbirds, the Art of Seduction part 4 of 6” 9min   :

Red-winged Black Bird

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