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Friendship South Africa

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    “the lion sleeps tonight” la vraie version originale

  2. Paul Simon introduces Miriam Makeba

  3. Amazing Zulu Song by Khula Happy Singers

    Johnny Clegg et Nelson Mandela lors d’un concert en 1999.

  5. Some positive facts and figures on South Africa:

  6. Hello South Africa lovers!
    Visit the GREEN MONSTER web site : It is shock-full of great animal-defense stories and yummy vegan recipes!
    For instance, would you agree on what they say in this page :

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa (19 January 2017)—A decision to allow export of 800 captive-bred lion skeletons from South Africa is coming under fire from Humane Society International and the producer of the film Blood Lions.
    Yesterday the South African National Biodiversity Institute, which is the scientific authority to the Department of Environmental Affairs, announced its recommendation to institute an annual export quota of 800 captive-bred lion skeletons, traded in large part for use in traditional medicine to southeast Asian countries like Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. The decision to make this recommendation was made prior to public consultation and without the appropriate scientific basis required under South Africa’s obligations under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The DEA has now opened a two week comment period – ending on 2 February, 2017 – to collect input on the recommended quota.
    Humane Society International and Blood Lions strongly urge the DEA to establish a zero export quota, thereby suspending trade in captive-bred lion parts given the absence of scientific evidence that such trade is not detrimental to the survival of wild lions, as required for export under CITES. The captive breeding of lions for the purpose of killing them to supply the bone trade is ethically unacceptable and seriously harms South Africa’s global image.
    The decision follows an ongoing controversy about South Africa’s lion breeding industry that promotes cub petting, lion walks, canned lion hunting, while practicing euthanasia to supply lion bone and other parts.
    GO TO THE PAGE AND SEND YOUR COMMENT BEFORE FEB 2, TO PARTICIPATE IN THis DISCUSSION. You can make a difference for South Africa and the LIONS.

    This is what South Africans say:
    “We sing rhythmically no matter the occasion
    We humour collectively no matter the circumstance
    We befriend sincerely no matter the who
    We braai generously no matter the when
    We appreciate beauty no matter the where
    We engage diversity no matter the what
    We share our democracy no matter the news
    We grieve united no matter the cause
    We resent corruption no matter the perpetrator
    We loathe crime no matter the miscreant.
    Please submit your suggestions…” by writing to the SA GOOD NEWS newsletter:

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM, SOUTH AFRICANS! And keep the heritage from Madiba alive and strong!

  9. What is going on with the Mandela heritage in South Africa today? How are the people living? And especially, the youth? To know more about this, visit my favourite website in South Africa : SA GOOD NEWS which recently titled: “YOUTH 2018 – What are they up to?”
    The journalist attended the UCT Unilever Institute Youth Report 2018 workshop in Durban. The objective of this intensive in-depth research was to “understand what it is like to be a South African youth in 2018”. The stats are quite gloomy :

    – Half of South Africa’s population is under 24 years old, in Japan the equivalent figure is 47, in Nigeria 18
    – 64% of South African youth are considered poor, not living in poverty, but poor living in the bottom two quintiles or in LSM’s 1-4.
    – The number of social grant recipients in 1999 was 22,000, now in 2018 the number is just over 12 million children receiving R410 a month
    – Only 35% of South African children live with both parents, 40% with their mother only, 3% with their father only, and 21% in child headed households
    – Currently 120,000 schoolchildren have fallen pregnant, 3500 are under the age of 14
    – Education has improved in terms of access, but still 70% of schools have no functioning library, 60% of schools do not have a computer lab. But 92% of children attend an Early Childhood Development facility.
    – Of 1 118 690 children entering school only 455 825 pass matric, and only 349 983 achieve a university exemption. But since 1996 attendance at tertiary institutions as grown by 445%
    – Youth unemployment is a problem worldwide, the number of South African NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training – NEET) between 21 and 24 is estimated at 51%.
    – Automation and the decline of the manufacturing sector in SA is a major challenge

    Yet the future is not without hope. There are many good things, and many positive statistics too.
    To know more about them, visit the page:

    If you are young in South Africa today, BE POSITIVE, keep going to make your country as great as Mandela wanted it, and keep up with:

    The Youth 2018 Mantra for getting ahead:
    – Be real – don’t downplay the pressures of today
    – Be fluid – one size won’t fit all
    – Be honest – ‘fake’ is easily exposed
    – Be hopeful – today’s youth need you to believe in them
    – Be proactive – it’s easy to be forgotten, change must be intentionally driven and visible
    – Be brave – don’t get caught up in generational angst

    Good luck! The world is watching you!

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